Project Pitches

Classical:NEXT Project Pitches are targeted, fast-moving opportunities for creators and those on the lookout for new creations, a ‘seek and find’ for collaboration and inspiration. This format allows representatives from ensembles, music theatre productions and music projects to offer rapid insight into their current offerings.

14 May 2024
This powerful new concert experience fully embraces circus, opera & classical music in two captivating new works by Chloé Charody to help tell stories that must be heard.
16 May 2024
Music theatre from the south of the world in native language
16 May 2024
Titled Composition As Explanation, Composer David Lang has created an exciting evening-length performance specifically for Eighth Blackbird and their distinctive performance abilities featuring the groundbreaking and always surprising text of Gertrude Stein.
16 May 2024
BRYGGEN is a fresh and dynamic string orchestra for whom innovation is key, and where every concert is an experience, both for the audience and the performers.
16 May 2024
“Two Odysseys: Pimooteewin | Gállábártnit” is a touring production featuring the first-ever operas set in the Indigenous languages of Cree (Canada) and Sámi (Nordic region) based on ageless storytelling from those cultures.
16 May 2024
Yum! A Participatory XR Music Theatre, infusing satire with an immersive dining experience
16 May 2024
An enchanting music performance for young audiences (6+), focusing on the music and character of composer Maurice Ravel, the mysterious and imaginative dandy who as a child wandered around the workspace of his father – inventor and engineer – full of drawings, models, designs and machines.
16 May 2024
Kinderlieder is a participatory song recital for ages 0-5, reimagining the classical Liederabend from the joyful, open perspective of a child.
15 May 2024
The Freestyle Orchestra, a cutting-edge Vienna-based ensemble of artists fluent in both classical music and contemporary circus disciplines, offers groundbreaking interdisciplinary performances that challenge traditional concert formats, providing unique and immersive experiences that explore the intersection of musical and physical artistry.
15 May 2024
A transcultural Ensemble founded out of a German State Philharmonic Orchestra
15 May 2024
First all women’s orchestra in Latin America who fuse together European and Cuban Classical music
15 May 2024
Liza is an award winning, innovative contemporary performer, composer, producer, lyricist and multimedia narrative author. They were awarded the cross disciplinary boundary breaking Fusion Fund by Help Musicians UK to create a narrative audiovisual work. They have built their own instrument, the roborecorder, which is on display in the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry.

Formats explained

What is a Conference Session?

At the heart of the Classical:NEXT Conference are the jury-selected conference sessions featuring interactive formats such as mini-workshops, group discussions and debates as well as presentations and panels.

Meet Ups provide a place to form new alliances or deepen existing relationships: this semi-formal format provides a platform for established or emerging international networks to get together, brainstorm, develop ideas and connect with potential memebers or partners.

Ask all your burning questions, exchange ideas and get practical tips from our jury selected mentors, either in a 45-minute Roundtable sessions 45-minute Roundtable sessions in small groups.

Besides the jury-selected Conference programme our Off C:N Presentations offer delegates an additional space to present their projects, products or services.


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Labels and Distributors

Classical:NEXT is the annual global gathering for classical music labels to discuss current issues and conduct business. Major players align their annual meetings with the event.

  • Find distributors from all regions
  • Stay ahead and hear about upcoming publications
  • Meet publishers, artist managers, press, PR and marketing representatives, orchestras, presenters and many more to form new alliances and bring in new projects
  • Become part of a professional family and stay connected through C:N NET
  • Network with hundreds of classical and art music professionals both established and newcomer
  • Take on new adventures, new projects, new cooperations
  • Gather know-how from the conference that you can use in your everyday work
  • Gain extensive overview of the current scene and new trends
  • Learn about the latest in new technology
  • Offer your services to unsigned or non-established new artists and projects whom you can discover

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