Meet the Roborecorder, with Liza Bec

Liza is an award winning, innovative contemporary performer, composer, producer, lyricist and multimedia narrative author. They were awarded the cross disciplinary boundary breaking Fusion Fund by Help Musicians UK to create a narrative audiovisual work. They have built their own instrument, the roborecorder, which is on display in the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry.
15 May 2024
PP_PRESENTER_Liza Bec_Credit_Ben_Hughes_2


Liza Bec

Have you ever wondered what might happen if the delicate connection between your brain and body broke? Discover the wonderful, weird world of the roborecorder, a new electronic instrument currently on display at the Science Museum. Built by Liza Bec to express their experience of music triggered epilepsy, it is being used to create multimedia narrative commissions across the UK and beyond. Featuring excerpts from audiovisual EP INNERVATE and an exclusive interview with New Scientist magazine.

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