Composition As Explanation

Titled Composition As Explanation, Composer David Lang has created an exciting evening-length performance specifically for Eighth Blackbird and their distinctive performance abilities featuring the groundbreaking and always surprising text of Gertrude Stein.
16 May 2024
– 15:15
PP_Ensemble 1080x1080_Credits_Ryan_Bennett


Matthew Duvall (Eighth Blackbird)
Artistic Director

Composition As Explanation: Eighth Blackbird's recent foray into uncharted aesthetics. An evening performed by Eighth Blackbird, composed by David Lang, directed by Anne Bogart, and with text by Gertrude Stein blurring content and form. 8BB blurs layers of fully produced musical virtuosity, acting, and singing. CAE is a new point of art inquiry. Layered interpretation and perspectives are experienced rather than erudite, thoughtful, clever, humorous, intuitive, insightful, and joyful.

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