16 May, 2024
– 21:15

Mario G. Cortizo

I am a restless musician: a percussionist, composer and sound creator specialising in classical, contemporary and world music.
Só un solo is a scenic proposal featuring a percussionist as the sole performer. All the music is original, aiming to highlight the uniqueness of this setup. It’s a challenge for a performer who wants to transcend from being a musician to a performer and from a concert to a scenic spectacle. The show consists of three musical pieces, each approximately 10-15 minutes long. The first piece is composed for an electronic device that controls small sound appliances, allowing us to structure the materials musically. The second piece is written for an automaton device, pre-programmed to generate musical materials as a mechanical base. There’s a solo part to be played on top of this base using a bass and tuned tubes. The third piece, inspired by roots music, is a solo performance featuring a tambourine and electronics. The entire performance is executed using newly created instruments designed by the composer, with the exception of the tambourine.

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