15 May, 2024
– 13:30

Gabriele Leite

Representing Brazilian classical music in the prestigious “under 30” list of Forbes Brasil magazine Gabriele Leite is a young Brazilien who received her first formal musical studies as a little girl in a social project called Projeto Guri.
Gabriele Leite was the first classical guitarist listed in the Forbes magazine under 30 edition 2021. She resides in New York (USA), where is pursuing a DMA in Music Performance at the Stony Brook University, holds a bachelor’s in music from the UNESP Institute of Arts in São Paulo and a Master’s in music performance with honors from the Manhattan School of Music. Since April 2020 she has been sponsored by Augustine Strings, and in 2023, Gabriele released her first album with the brazilian record label Rocinante This program is a captivating musical journey that delves into the rich tapestry of Brazilian guitar music and seeks to illuminate the Brazilian guitar’s versatility, intricate rhythms, and dynamic evolution by showcasing a repertoire composed by Brazilian composers. This selection features works from the recognizable composer as Villa-Lobos and spans from traditional to avant-garde approaches in guitar composition.

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