14 May, 2024
– 23:45

8 Pipers for Philip Glass – Erwan Keravec

Erwan Keravec is a highland bagpiper, composer and improviser.
Philip Glass in 1975: “Two Pages, you’ll remember, is in unison. Someone asked me if I was trying to follow the evolution of music history and if, therefore, my next piece would follow the same logic and would be in fifths. So, I wrote Music In Fifths. All the movement is parallel, so I was duty-bound to do one in contrary motion. After Music In Contrary Motion came it’s opposite number, Music In Similar Motion. Everything was very simple. In 1969, no-one knew me, nor really suspected what I was capable of writing, so I could fool around as much as I wanted.” The repetition of these simple musical phrases reveals timbre and affords the sound enough time to unfold and occupy the space. These qualities are even better served when this music is played on instruments with the rich timbres produced by drones. This music is based on a sort of enchantment, which is the very reason for the existence of the bagpipes’ drone. Astonishingly, these pieces seem like they’re written for these instruments.

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