15 May, 2024
– 11:45

Transformation Unleashed

Decoding the rhythms of social change.

Get ready for an engaging, interactive journey as we navigate the key factors that drive social change and provocatively ask, "Is music TRULY creating social change?”

In the wake of a booming wave of educational and community programs in orchestras, concert halls, and in cultural institutions, we invite you to be part of this engaging session where we blend theory and practice taking a dynamic approach to the role of music in social action programs and in societal transformation.

Rooted in the principles of social science, we'll harness the power of collective thinking to dissect the complexities of the impact of music on social change. Through interactive discussions, live polls, and breakout moments, we'll challenge conventional wisdom and explore the potential strengths and limitations of music-based initiatives. This session is designed to ignite critical thinking and innovation, encouraging you to become an active participant in shaping the conversation. Together, we'll delve into the heart of the matter, examining whether music truly stands as a potent catalyst for social change or if innovative approaches and new perspectives are needed to address today's pressing societal challenges.


Chaired by:

Nathaly Ossa Alzate, Colombia

Producer, Freelancer,


Co-Founder and Executive Director,
Sistema Cyprus
Associate Director, Creative Partnerships & Projects,

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