16 May, 2024
– 16:45

The Place of Music in EU Policy and Funding

Growing societal challenges - growing needs - growing offers?

What support does the music sector need to face global challenges such as the climate crisis and to make the most of global developments such as digitisation? What do we want EU funding for the music sector to look like? With the upcoming EU elections in June 2024 and the upcoming mid-term review of the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF)’, we are bringing together music sector stakeholders, to discuss what is needed from an EU strategy for music in the near and distant future, and how we can contribute. Programmes like Creative Europe are at risk of severe budget cuts – what does this mean for the future of Music Moves Europe and what lessons can be learned from initiatives like MusicAIRE and LIVEMX? At this political turning point, we are asking – what is the place of music in EU policy, and what does the music sector have to offer?

Ruth Jakobi by Eric van Nieuwland

Chaired by:

Ruth Jakobi, Germany

Secretary General, European Music Council

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