16 May, 2024
– 11:45

Everyone Says We Must Change, But How?

A manager's change management toolbox.

In today's rapidly changing world, organisations must effectively manage and facilitate change to thrive and excel. Through an appreciation of change management frameworks and methodologies and the acquisition of practical tools for implementing change initiatives, this interactive workshop will equip participants with the necessary knowledge, skills, and strategies to successfully navigate and lead change. Understanding resistance to change, leading change from within, and successful change models will also be investigated. This workshop will be invaluable to leaders seeking a deeper understanding of how to effect change, particularly those navigating the ever-changing performing arts and higher education landscape. Take the first step towards transformational change in your organisation by participating in hands-on activities and engaging exercises and looking at case studies and success strategies.


Chaired by:

David Bahanovich, United States

Dean of Music, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance London


Deputy Principal,
Royal Northern College of Music

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