16 May, 2024
– 11:45

DIY Sector Meet Up

Strategies for the DIY Music Community.

Not everyone who works in music works for large organisations. Many of us have to wear multiple hats to get our work heard and produce the projects we want to create. We have to do it all ourselves including fundraising, marketing, booking, recording, releasing and so much more. It has always been difficult. However, often someone else has been through the same thing as you and is willing to share their experience.

This session is for the DIY sector. An opportunity to share experiences, challenges, frustrations, and strategies about working as a DIY artist/organisation and also to expand your networks and build an even stronger community for our sector.

In our meet up we will hear from people working in the DIY sector. We will discuss as a community how we can share our knowledge and contribute to a more diverse, relevant and fair future and importantly one where we don't burn out!

Coordinated by:

Matthew Whiteside, Ireland {Republic}

Composer / Artistic Director, Freelance / The Night With…



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